The Pink Room International Nail Academy cordially invited renowned nail experts to be our online & on-site judges. We have the honour of inviting them to judge the PinkRoom Cup nail competition. With years of experience & expertise in the nail industry, the judges are a great addition to our competition.

Founder and Principal of The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy, Rachel Tang has under her belt the Level 1 Nailist License from Japan Nailist Association, the highest recognized level of skill certification for Nailist in Japan.

Rachel currently sits as the Chairman for Singapore's Local Nail Association; the Nailist Association for International License Singapore (NAILS) aims at rising the professionalism and skill level for all nailist in Singapore and around the world through a common licensing certification.

Eriko won the first place in nail sculpture at the World Championship for the first time as a Japanese, it was recognized as a No.1 nail technology. She is the first Japanese to win an award in the United States.

Eriko focused on the development of nail schools & salons. As the school Headmaster & leader in the Japan nail industry, Eriko spreads the charm of nail widely through the media, such as TV and magazine.

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