Nail Art Workshops

The school regularly introduces new and timely workshops to ensure all students receive training on the latest trends and techniques.
Overseas Trainers are also regularly invited via the School’s network of international masters and educators to conduct regular seminars and workshops.

Don’t worry if you have zero knowledge or experience on nail techniques, we offer a variety of workshop for everyone!
Be it beginners, amateur or professionals, there’s always something interesting for you.
Our friendly educators will make the workshop enjoyable and enriching!


Professional Salon Nail Arts

Duration: 24 hours

Learn the different nail art techniques to unleash your creativity. Learn how to do free hand nail art, Emboss nail art, 3D nail art and mixed media art.


Summer Holiday Gel Manicure

Duration: 5 hours

Learn more about Gel Manicure – how to prep your nails, how to apply & remove gel manicure without damage to nails. Create summery nail art designs with gel! Total of 6 happy designs!



Duration: 1.5 hours

Learn how to create nail art with shimmers & glitters, and even stick on bulky deco! Demo includes gel prep and gel application. (online class via Zoom, no hands on)


Xmas Holiday (3D art)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Christmas art comes to life with the 3D and embossed designs using gel! Learn to do it yourself!


Xmas Holiday (Flat art)

Duration: 3 hours

Create the festive Xmas designs using gel! Bring joy to your family & friends!


Angel Pro Gelly-Art Manicure

Duration: 6 hours

Gel Manicures have taken the nail industry by storm in 2014, and the Gel Nail Art trends are still going strong!  Find out what else you can achieve in this workshop!


Farmhouse Nail Art

Duration: 3 hours

Learn to create this refreshing nail art that’s perfectly suitable for Spring ~

fashion runway

Fashion Runway Nail Art

Duration: 4 hours

Learn multiple techniques in this workshop! Get to learn ombre coloring, quilting design and making of the trending Camelia flower with us ~


Plaid and Ribbons Nail Art

Duration: 3 Hours

Get to learn the making of 3D ribbons and drawing this professional looking Plaids and Checkered art. Design stays trendy for festive seasons!


Pantone Knitted Nail Art

Duration: 3 hours

Pantone is a mixture of shades with transcedent blue and pink! Get tips on color mixing and creating sharp knitted art design.

multiple matte

Multiple Matte Knitted Nail Art

Duration: 3 hours

Pastel colors may seem a little too subtle for you? How about adding a touch of a Dark colour with the cute knitted design! By matching colors like these, you can create a very elegant look too ~

typo graphy

Typography Nail Art

Duration: 3 hours

Add a splash of colours and pair text with knitted art to create this unique design ~


Halloween Collection Nail Art

Duration: 6 hours

Trick or Treat? Learn to create this cute 3D looking little girl and chinese zombie to pair them with your Halloween costume!

summer rainbow

Summer Rainbow Collection I

Duration: 3 hours

Learn how to create these beautiful ocean designs with us!

summer rainbow

Summer Rainbow Collection II

Duration: 2 hours

Ever wondered how to create these little globes? Hesitate no more! Join us in this workshop to find out how.