School Facilities

With a total floor area of approximately 215 square meters, The Pink Room International Nail Academy is strategically located in the heart of the city at People’s Park Centre, on the seventh floor.

The school has complete facilities to cater to all students. Inclusive of a fully equipped classroom with a demo-area and projection aids, utilised during theory instructions and practical teachings.

The school stores a huge inventory of professional nail products at its premises to facilitate student’s learning and business set-up.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy uses the best products for training. The school selects reputable product brands from USA, Japan and Korea as sources of supply for tools and products for our teaching materials as well as to fulfill our students’ need for consumables.


Our consultation area


Our fully equipped classrooms


Our reference library


Our students locker area


Our media resources

Floor area of our classrooms:

Classroom No. Floor Area (m2) Maximum Capacity
Practical Room: 10.03 sqm 6
Classroom 1: 27.31 sqm 18
Classroom 2: 17.84 sqm 11
Classroom 3: 20.35 sqm 13
Classroom 4: 22.30 sqm 14
Classroom 5: 16.35 sqm 10