CEO’s Foreword


CEO of The Pink Room International Nail Academy

The desire to create beauty in all must be in the heart of all nail artists!

Greetings! This is Rachel Tang, serving as CEO of The Pink Room International Nail Academy. I wonder, what are your feelings and thoughts as you seek out information with our school right now….

“I want to be able to do my own nails”, “I would like to learn an additional skill for my future”, “I would like to open my own salon”, every person would have their different reasons & feelings starting their walk onto this path.

“I would like to have beautiful nails for myself” was the start to my own journey with nails.

Back in the early 2000s, the nail service scene in Singapore was quite barren. There was no demand for nailart or nail extensions due to the lack of salons that specialized in nail services. Manicures were seen as part of the beauty facial routine, never as an industry on its own.

There were no courses that focused on proper training for nails only. Nail education was always a small module in beauty or hair courses. For a person like myself with no interest in hair or beauty related topics, I was unable to find what I wanted. Thus, I began travelling abroad for my education in Nail Technology.

My desire of “I would like to have beautiful nails for myself” changed into “I would like to teach everyone to make beautiful nails” and “I would like everyone to learn about the charm of nailart”. I began sharing and teaching more & more interested people on what I had learnt about nails, thus the road to professional nail technology & education opened up.

With my years of academic teaching experience as a polytechnic lecturer, and my team of educators, The Pink Room International Nail Academy was founded in 2003. I began formulating a systematic way of teaching, specially catered to beginners with no prior knowledge in the beauty line, and added examinations to test and ensure the quality of all our graduates.

Having received nail education in foreign countries, I understood how language can be a barrier in chasing our dreams. Thus through the years, I stated creating course materials in different languages to welcome foreign-speaking students, who are living in Singapore, into our school.


I have since watched batches of our students complete their studies at our school, and many have become successful pillars of the local nail industry.

I am proud to say that our PRINA Certificate is now a widely recognized significant of high standard in nail skills, by many professionals, salons and customers alike, not only in Singapore, but also Japan.

My dream had already begun to move the water-wheel, irrigating our land with knowledge and power towards a more vibrant and exciting nail industry, bringing our ‘Little Red Dot’ Singapore onto the international nail arena; it had also drawn dedicated & talented to the gates of the school.

It is your turn now. Please expand the possibility of this school and to realize your dream with us.

Licenses and Awards

Accredited with JNA Level 1 Certification

 JNEC Level 1 Certification

Nominated by Cozycot as part of International Women's Day 2011 - 100 Most Inspiring Real Women

Nominated by Cozycot as part of International Women’s Day 2011 – 100 Most Inspiring Real Women