Top Most Frequently Asked Questions about our courses


1. What types of nail courses do you offer?

We offer a full fledge of courses ranging from basic manicure courses to Professional courses and Diploma courses. We also have advance customized workshops and competition trainings, and overseas exchange trips.


2. Can I take up the course if I have no experience or relevant qualifications?

Yes, sure you can! Many of our students and graduates came in to learn with no prior experience or relevant qualifications too. And this is where we are good at! Our focus in teaching our students is to ensure and to equip them with a strong set of foundation in nail skills & nail techniques to help them reach international nail industry standards, regardless of the products used. So next time when they work in other salons or eventually start their own business, they are not restricted by the products they use or buy.


3. Which course should I enroll in?

Our Diploma in Professional Nail Technology is the most popular course among our students, as it builds a very strong technical foundation of natural nail care service, salon nail arts and slowly advance to professional topics like acrylic/gel nail extensions, mixed media nail arts, etc.It also saves you a lot of money when you learn everything correctly through our proven teaching syllabus.

Contact Us to arrange for a complimentary one-to-one course consultation with our professional course consultant.


4. When can I commence on your courses?

We have new intakes every month, sometimes more than 1 class in a month.


5. I’m working Full time, can I still take up a nail course?

Yes, we offer night classes on weekdays and weekend classes.

Our time slots for part-time courses are available at:

•   12pm – 6pm (Day Class)
•   6.30pm – 9.30pm (Night Class).
•   12pm – 6pm (Saturday Class).


6. What if I can’t attend a certain lesson?

We can schedule a makeup class for you. We teach based on modules and syllabus, so you don’t have to worry that your classmate from another class is learning lesser or more than you.


7. What course should I take in order to start a nail salon business?

We would definitely recommend the Diploma in Professional Nail Technology Course as it covers the whole range of skills and techniques required, such as basic manicure/ pedicure; gel systems; acrylic systems and includes a salon management module.


8. Are Student kits provided?

Yes, a high quality comprehensive Student Kit is included in all our courses.


9. What can I expect after attending the courses?

We have a track record of students who successfully started and maintained their own nail salon business, be assured that you are in good hands. We also have a handful of students who simply learn to earn an extra skill.With our wealth of experience, we pride ourselves in ensuring and equipping our students with a strong set of foundation in nail skills & nail techniques. All our trainers bring with them a wealth of experience, and dedicate time to individual students, providing ample assistance and guidance, to equip them with the skills and attitudes that will enable them to be sought after in this industry. The Pink Room Int’l Nail Academy values every student and hopes to build a connection and friendship with every individual. We are also backed by a group of international trainers whom we regularly invite them to our school for an exchange session.