Diploma in Beauty Grooming (Nail Tech And Body Hair Removal)


This course is currently not running. Please contact us for course details.

Course Introduction

The Diploma in Beauty Grooming (Nail Tech & Body Hair Removal) is a comprehensive course that encompasses all the necessary knowledge and skills needed for performing nail and waxing services to customers. The teaching syllabus is self-developed base on compilation from years of research of various techniques use by leading professionals from the grooming industry and on the relevant grooming techniques to perform satisfactory services needed to work in a professional salon. Meticulously tailored and improved, this course encompasses all the knowledge and skills to suit the local beauty industry as well as international industrial standards.

Students will be learning and completing practical sessions coupled with detailed theory explanations to ensure full understanding of every detail during each practical demonstration sessions. Apart from the detail step by step practical correction sessions, the course emphasizes heavily on understanding all aspects of each skill techniques from nail services to performing facial and body hair removal services effectively. This ensures versatility in application of techniques necessary to deal with different situations that could be encountered in the actual salon working environment. In addition to the hard skill trainings, this course also includes a customer service module to prepare the students with knowledge and ability to handle customers and deal with service related issues that may arise while working in the service sector.

Course Objective

To equip Learners to perform facial and body hair removal services effectively, safely and quickly together with in depth understanding of necessary commercial nail techniques that includes manicure/pedicure services, gel polish application and nail arts both theoretically and practically. This course is aimed to nurture students into a versatile professional grooming artist with good customer relation ability to excel in the beauty service industry.

Learning Outcome

Students will achieve in depth understanding of the theoretical knowledge and acquire high level grooming skills in the areas of Nail and hair removal which includes body waxing (soft wax), facial waxing (hard wax), brazilian waxing (hard wax), boyzilian waxing (hard wax), manicure/pedicure techniques, gel polishing, nail arts as well as soft skills like customer service knowledge, sales techniques and customer relationship.


1.      Foundational Theory for Manicuring
2.      Professional Natural Nail Care (Manicure Pedicure)
3.      Professional Gel Polish Manicuring (Hand & Foot)
4.      Professional Salon Nail Art
5.      Supplementary Skills
6.      Body Waxing (Hard Wax)
7.      Boyzilian Waxing (Hard Wax)
8.      Body Waxing 1 (Soft Wax)
9.      Body Waxing 2 (Soft Wax)
10.    Brizilian Waxing 1 (Hard Wax)
11.     Brizilian Waxing 2 (Hard Wax)
12.    Customer Service for Salons
13.    Sell Products and Services
14.    Establish Relationships for Customer Confidence
15.    Industrial Attachment

Medium of Instruction: English
Mode of Teaching: Classroom, Practical, Attachment
Trainer to Student Ratio: 1:20

This course is currently not running. Please contact us for course details.


Course Duration

Duration: 393 Hours

The course can be taken in the below time frame:

Part Time:

  • 10 months + 2 months Project & Assignment.
    Class Frequency: 3 days per week x 3 hours per day

Course Fees

Local Student:

Course Fee: S$ 5800
Course Material Fee: S $720
Course Note: S$ 60
Exam Fee: $ 250

Total Course Fees Payable: S$ 6830


Non-Tuition Fees

•   Rental of Locker
•   Miscellaneous Fees (VIEW)


Upon Application

Application Fee

Local Student: $250

Course Intake

This course is currently not running. Please contact us for course details.

Entry Requirements

•   At least 16 years old & above.
•   Academic: C6 in 3 subjects at GCE N Level or Equivalent or upon completion of PROFESSIONAL MANICURIST CERTIFICATE.
•   Language Proficiency: C6 English at GCE N Level or equivalent
•   Students without formal education should have at least 2 years of work experience.

This course is currently not running. Please contact us for course details.

Examination & Assessments

Students need to complete at least 80% of the total lessons and achieve the certificate of attendance before they are allowed to sit for the Diploma Examination. The Diploma Examination consists of Theory paper and Practical Assessments for Natural Nail Service, Gel Polish Services, Nail Arts and Body Hair Removal. Diploma in Beauty Grooming (Nail Tech & Body Hair Removal) will be awarded to student who has passed the Theory and all practical assessments.

Upon meeting all Graduation Requirements, you will graduate with a Diploma in Beauty Grooming (Nail Tech & Body Hair Removal) by PRINA.


Upon successful completion, you will be able to use the knowledge and skills learnt, to enter the industry and take your place in the industry as a Qualified Nail Artist, Grooming Artist, Educator and many more.

Graduation Requirements

Students will need to achieve a minimum attendance rate of 80%, complete the industrial attachment, and achieve minimum of 80% in their total examination score computed with the following;

1.    Assignments/ Project 20%
2.   Theory Exam 20%
3.   Practical Exam 60%