Current Student

The core list of support services are:

  1. Student handbook is given out to all newly enrolled students to orientate them on important information of the School.
  2. A Student Services department that handles / processes all student requests.
  3. Feedback and Complaints form is easily available for students to provide valuable insights into helping the School to continually improve the student experience.
  4. Student Contract is also available in the language of the country where the foreign student is domiciled (if necessary).

Academic Calendar

Students are given a copy of their full academic calendar at the start of their course programs. Updated copies of the academic calendars for all programs are posted on the school’s notice board for viewing.

Student Activities

The Pink Room International Nail Academy constantly introduces and engaged students with a variety of activities. Keep a lookout for latest activities coming your way.

Student Administrative Support

For student administrative support, do contact our friendly and approachable Course Administrators over the counter, telephone [62201592 or 63481592(Student Emergency Hotline)] or email to