Training Methodology

Total Learning Experience

The emphasis at the Pink Room International Nail Academy is on a “Total Learning Experience“. Thus, we believe in deploying only full-time qualified staff for teaching purposes. As the pioneer nail school in the industry, we are fully committed to be the best training provider in the nail industry both locally and regionally.

Our programs are designed with the aim to inspire and motivate through our innovative teaching methods. Which has been proven effective, as our graduates are all well sought after in this industry. Many of them have also since started running their own nail business too.

Besides learning in a classroom setting for theoretical teachings, the school also provides guidance on practical hands-on training; so that upon graduation, graduates will be able to start work immediately in any salon at home and abroad.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy’s success is greatly attributed to its uniquely designed structured training programs and stringent assessment system, aimed at providing appropriate guidance and correction at every stage, to ensure that students are guided in every step of their learning process while attaining international-level skills.

Relevance to present nail market needs is also important in the students’ learning experience; incorporating seasonal fashion trends and updated techniques and skills into regular seminars and workshops ensure students do not become back-dated in their knowledge.

The total training experience is extended even after students graduate; they are encouraged to participate in international nail competitions, seminars and nail shows to ensure continual learning throughout their career as a nailist.

Course Design and Development

All nail curriculums and course syllabus was spearheaded and designed by the school’s Academic Director, Ms Rachel Tang since 2003.

The Academic Board was formed in the later years to ensure a more structured and organised system in advising the school’s management on academic issues. Continual improvement on course curriculum is achieved by periodical review subject to the approval by the Academic Board.


Planning and Delivery

The Pink Room International Nail Academy’s Academic Department carefully constructs the curriculum following a planning process set for the approval by the Academic Board.

Critical evaluation of its teaching and learning process is executed by the school for the continual improvement in student learning and educational experience. To ensure optimum curriculum delivery, the Academic Board approves the teaching methodologies and selection of educators using a thorough and scrutinized process.


Course Delivery

The module is delivered via practical step by step training and theory explanations.

It is important for students to focus their attention on the practical demonstration and theory explanations, where they are encouraged to ask questions to minimise doubts and ensure better understanding. Students are also encouraged to attend self-practice sessions actively and clarify any questions they may have encountered during the self-practice.