Past PinkRoom Cup Events

PinkRoom Cup is a bi-yearly event that PinkRoom and all participants look forward to participate in. We would like to throwback to the 2013 PinkRoom Cup we held.

Here are some photos from our past PinkRoom Cup Event:

PRC 1.png

PRC 2.png





The event was very successful and everyone had alot of fun and gained lots of experience through this event.


PinkRoom Pink Open House

Pink Room is all hyped up for this Saturday’s Open House! We have already received many registrations and enquiries about it, hence, we are calling all nail fanatics to NOT miss this chance. As of 19 August 2011, The Pink Room International Nail Academy is a registered Private Education Institution (PEI) with the Council of Private Education in Singapore under Section 36(1) of the Private Education Act and our diploma is registered under the Ministry of Education (MOE).

We aim to deliver high quality nail class, hence, our syllabus has been scrutinised and constantly updated. Setting high standards for ourselves, we do not compromise on our student’s class time and we encourage our students to come for make up classes whenever they miss a class to ensure that they do not miss out any nail tips or techniques. Their result reflects on our reputation. Pink Room has hired dedicated and patient nail educators to teach our students. Specially trained and selected, we are very strict with our educators as a good nailist does not make him or her a good teacher.

So to learn more about us, do come down to Pink Room, located at International Plaza #06-18, exit from Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit C, this Saturday at 2pm. It will provide you an insight as to how Pink Room operate and why Pink Room is still the top choice after 10 years.




In conjunction with our academy’s 10th year anniversary this year, The Pink Room International Nail Academy had planned a whole array of events for our graduates, students, friends & family. All the activities are to show our thanks & gratitude to everyone. The Pink Room International Nail Academy would not be able to celebrate this special occasion if not for everyone’s support & love for the school.

Our academy will continue to uphold our premium standards in providing professional & hobby nail courses locally & internationally. For starters, we have expended our campus to provide a bigger & more comfortable learning experience for our students. Graduated students are also welcomed to return to the school to practice & seek advice from our trainers. Our facilities are open to all our students & their nail models.


To celebrate the relocation, we had invited all our students to share our joy. Our Principal Rachel Tang & Vice Principal Joe Chua had the honor of cutting the ribbon at the ribbon cutting ceremony. It was a meaningful event to mark the start of our continuous journey at our new campus.

DSC_1753 FireShot Capture 127 - The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy_ PRI_ - http___pinkroomint.blogspot.sg_201.pngDSC_1760

In collaboration with TAT Japan & our sister company, The Shoppink Room, we launched the opening of the nail supply store with promotions for everyone. The response was great! Every one was excited to have more nail products that they can choose from. The nail supply store brings in a wide range of nail tools, products, accessories, decorations & essentials. This is a great additional to the growing nail industry in Singapore. It provides high-quality, fairly-priced nail products from Japan that are not currently found in Singapore.




A graduation ceremony was held for our graduated students who successfully achieved the PRINA DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE. As our Principal Rachel Tang said during the ceremony speech, our certificates are highly sought after for it endorses the high standards of training. The certificates can only be achieved if the student meets the expectations of the school. Our standards are widely known among people in the nail industry.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy is the only school registered with the Singapore’s Ministry of Education to provide Diploma courses legally in Singapore.

FireShot Capture 129 - The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy_ PRI_ - http___pinkroomint.blogspot.sg_201.pngFireShot Capture 130 - The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy_ PRI_ - http___pinkroomint.blogspot.sg_201.png


A nailart demo was conducted for all our guests to share the latest & most popular nailart techniques. Tips & tricks were given to ensure that the nailists know what to take note of.

Principal Rachel Tang is well-known among students for being generous with her knowledge & advice. Rachel believes in using her years of experience & expertise to help each student to kick start their salon business; and help solve any hiccups each student meets.

FireShot Capture 131 - The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy_ PRI_ - http___pinkroomint.blogspot.sg_201.png

The night of celebrations ended with a photo taking session with our Principal Rachel Tang & Vice Principal Joe Chua. Each student took photos with our trainers in appreciation for their teaching throughout their learning journey with The Pink Room International Nail Academy.

The Pink Room International Nail Academy will continue to boost the nail industry in Singapore & internationally.


Pink Ribbon High Tea

PinkRoom was invited as a sponsor to the recent PINK RIBBON HIGH-TEAto raise awareness for breast cancer. Our PRINA Girls were there to provide free express 1Q32 INSTANT.GELLISH manicure for the 300 over guests who attended the party. The nail products were kindly sponsored for our usage by 1Q32 INSTANT.GELLISH– the only 1 step gel polish that works!

We feel proud to be a sponsor of this event, since we are surrounded by girls everyday in school! Many of them were dressed in pink in support of the Breast Cancer Month. We hope to be a good influence to our students as breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among women in Singapore, with about 1,490 new cases detected yearly. We would like to take this chance to spread awareness to all the everyone. It would be beneficial for more woman to know more about this illness, as for the men they can hep to spread this knowledge to their families.

The event was organised by the Singapore Cancer Society, and was held at Movida Room @St James Power Station last Saturday. The crowd started coming in at 1pm. Every one was so excited to get their nails done upon seeing the yummy INSTANT.GELLISHcolors we brought.

In support of the Pink Ribbon, we chose different shades of pink from the wide range of colors that 1Q32 INSTANT.GELLISH has to offer. It was actually very heart-warming to see how united everyone was at the event. Even the guys were dressed in pink.

BREASTCANCER.pngEveryone was raving about how easy theINSTANT.GELLISH applies. No mess, no smudges and they could continue with the other activities without worries. Check out the different shades of pink we had with us that day.


Our PRINA.girls. Thank you for your hard work!

FireShot Capture 125 - The Pink Room Int'l Nai_ - http___pinkroomint.blogspot.sg_search_label_events.pngGet a mammogram done on the buses parked right outside Movida.

FireShot Capture 126 - The Pink Room Int'l Nai_ - http___pinkroomint.blogspot.sg_search_label_events.png

Some facts about breast cancer in Singapore:

  • Most common cancer among women in Singapore (about 3 in 10 cancers occurring in women is breast cancer)
  • 1 in 17 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime
  • Most prevalent in women age 50 years to 59 years in Singapore

Risk factors:

  • Age: The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age.
  • Personal history of breast cancer: The risk increases if the woman had breast cancer previously in one breast.
  • Family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives such as mother, sister or daughter.
  • Genetic predisposition: About 5-10% of breast cancers are inherited. Defects in genes such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 increase the risk of developing breast, ovarian and colon cancers.
  • Radiation exposure to chest in childhood or adolescence.
  • Early onset of menses and late menopause.
  • Hormone replacement therapy with a combination of estrogen and progesterone for four or more years.
  • Birth control pills: Use of pills for four years or more is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Alcohol intake: Excessive consumption of alcohol (one alcoholic beverage per day) increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 20%.

Read more about Breast Cancer on Singapore Cancer Society’s website.