Pinkroom Cup 2013

Thank you to everyone who had turned up on 17th Nov for our PINKROOM CUP 2013.

To all PRINA students & graduates who had competed. Thank you for enduring & making it till the actual day of competition for having the guts and confidence to go through the competition, although you might have totally no confidence and would like to give up.

We know that each of you are not the same after the competition. The time to practice & train for the competition, the bonding you have with your school-mates, the achievement of overcoming your own stress during the competition time; most importantly, the self-realization that you can actually do it, that you are much much more capable and skilled than what you think you are.

So, give yourself a pat on the back, and smile with the bright happiness of confidence you gained from this process and tell yourself “I did it!!” Cause You deserve it!
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Thank you for traveling all the way to our small Singapore to compete in a foreign environment. Our apologies for the difference in culture, temperature, or any way we had not done to your satisfaction as a host.

Hand Models:
Thank you for the hours of patience and endurance to sit through all pre-competition practice sessions and the actual-competition-day stress with the competitors.

Family, Hubby, Boyfriends of Competitors:
Thank you for the months of endurance and patience with each competitors, as they undergo a roller-coaster of stress, frustrations, attempts to give-up, tantrums, etc etc.

We hope everyone had a meaningful time at the Pinkroom Cup 2013! 
Every competitor had an enriching experience that is like no other.



PinkRoomCup09 – Natural Nail Care: Judging & Finished Works

The Judging for Natural Nail Care Category is Open Floor Judging.
All contestants are to clear the competition area leaving the models at their seats with only number tags on their hands.

The nails are judged during the entire manicure process from sanitation and disinfection procedures, filing of nail shape, cuticle cleaning and polishing techniques. The final manicured nails should have all fingernails in the same length and shape, neat & cleanly manicured nails and perfectly polished red nails.


Winners for Manicure Category:

1st Prize: [SIN07-1x5L] Jaslyn Ngo


2nd Prize: [SIN09-0x5D] Tan Su Fung

83rd Prize: [SIN09-0x6E] Wong Keet Yan

94th Prize: [SIN09-0x2C] Jenny Lee

105th Prize: [SIN09-0x7G] Eunice Quek


Winners for Acrylic Extensions:

1st Place – [SIN 09-0x0B] Tey Li Peng


2nd Place – [SIN 07-0x9E] Katherine Mah


3rd Place – [SIN 09-0x2C] Jenny Lee


4th Place – [SIN 09-0x5D] Tan Su Fung


5th Place – [SIN 06-0x4I] Roger Chng



PinkRoomCup09 – Manicure Category & Acrylic Extension

Our Mega Event last month – PinkRoomCup 2009 at CozyCot’s Holy Grail Party!!

Students were stationed either at the booth or on a stage to do demon and step-by-step explanations to the public.

Special thanks to all our students who helped out at the booth and the manicure services for these 2 days. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank You!

Manicure Category

There was about 20 contestants for this category. Everyone is given 1 hour to complete a natural nail care service for both hands. They are to finish the 10 fingernails in red polish. Based on their attire, and their preparation for the competition, we are proud to say that each contestants including our Prina Girls were very professional in the competition.

With the professional guidance and timely assignments given by our educators, Students are trained to become more well-prepared. Well done!

Acrylic Extension

The Acyclic Extension Competition Category is next. There was about 35 contestants for this category. Contestants are to complete a set of Color Gradation Sculpture Nails using an Acyclic Powder & Liquid System. The 5 nails are to be completed in 75 minutes on the model’s Left Hand, the nails are to be buffed to a high shine.

The Gel Extension Competition Category begins after 15 minutes. There was about 40 contestants for this category. Contestants are to complete a set of French Tip Gel Overlay Nails using a Gel Nail System. The 5 nails are to be completed in 60 minutes on the model’s Right Hand.

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About PinkRoom Cup

Pinkroom Cup is a celebratory event, which will bring together a mix of nailists in Singapore and other regions (Eg.Korea, Japan) to pit their skills against one another to compete for the title of overall Grand Champion, with a star-studded judging panel from Japan and Singapore.

This includes our Founder/Principal Ms. Rachel Tang and world-renowned Celebrity Nail Artist, Ms. Eriko Kurosaki from Japan. This event will have the industry buzzing, and will be covered by local and international media.

Competition Category:

The Grand Champion Award is the highest honour of the PinkRoom Cup nail competition.
There will only be one Grand Champion for each Group. The name of the GrandChampions
from each group will be crafted on the PinkRoom Cup trophy in recognition for the honour
achieved. The Competitor with the highest combined points from each of the three
categories below will beawarded the Grand Champion.
Competition must take part in at least one competiton from each of the following catergories:
Gel manicure:


Nail tips submission:


The best points from each of the three categories will be accumulated to a total score in running for the Grand Champion Award. In order to obtain Grand Champion Award, the participant has to take part in all 3 categories (Gel Manicure, Extensions, Nail Tips Submission). The competitor with the highest combined points will be awarded the PinkRoom Cup 2009 Grand Champion.