Bubble In The Nail Workshop

One of the most popular workshop we have held sometime ago was this Bubble In The Nail workshop. We received very good feedbacks and comments on this workshop. Many of our students has successfully created their very own nail design using the techniques taught in class by our professional educators.



Nail Art Workshops

In this post, we would like to feature some of our memorable nailart workshops we have conducted in the past.

(Bubble -In- Nail) Secret Technique with Master Joe:

This workshop is guided by our educator, Master Joe! If you are interested to know more about him, you can read about his most recent achievement here. Take a lookmat this interesting design, we have seen such designs on mobile phone covers, etc BUT on your nails? This is definitely eye-catching right?!

Gelly Tole Painting by Ms Rachel Tang:

Step up your nail art game with this gelly tole painting techniques. Gelly tole painting gives of a realistic and 3d nail art effects on your nails. As much as the traditional nail art painting is beautiful, this gelly tole painting is a unique way to change up your usual nail art styles.

Barbie Lace 2 by Ms Rachel Tang:

Barbie Lace II, a step-up from Barbie Lace I workshop. Featuring even more fanciful designs & intricate techniques to beautify your nails with an extra touch of allure!! Gel nails gives you longer period of flawless wear. Especially when you have drawn complicated designs and want them to last longer! Here is your opportunity to learn from Rachel. Catch her now before she zooms off for another overseas trip for judging/trainings! Grab your slots now as we are filling them fast.

Hope this post has filled you in with more information on the different types of workshops we offer. We also offer Diploma & Professional classes if you are looking at obtaining a certificate for the nail art profession you wish to pursue!

Feel free to check them out and if you have any enquiries, you can contact us at 6220 1592.

Till next time!

eriko (1)

Japanese Nail Art Class by Ms Eriko Kurosaki

Come meet Ms Eriko Kurosaki in SINGAPORE!

Ms Eriko Kurosaki is world-renowned and award-winning Japanese Celebrity Nail Artist, and the only japanese nail artist to have won first place in World Championships! She was one of the first to spearhead into the nails industry, and is renowned for as the World Champion Instructor!
Don’t miss the chance to learn the secret and authentic japanese nail techniques!

Date: 3rd August.
Time: 12pm – 4pm.

ONLY $280! Without having to pay for accommodation and flight, you get to learn what you will be learning if you travel to Japan for Ms Eriko’s Class!


Japanese Airgel Basic Course

We’re super excited to finally announce our upcoming exclusive 2-DAY AIRGEL BASIC COURSE with Ms. Noriko Naito, world-renowned nail educator and airbrush expert.

While airbrushing has been around for awhile, airbrushing with Gel is an entirely new technology. Bring your skills to the next level by learning how to create the perfect masking and gradient designs with Gel using an Airbrush Machine.

Start off airbrushing by learning from the best – Ms Noriko Naitoh is a veteran in the nail industry with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder and principle of her eponymous Nail College in Japan and an authorized trainer at the Japan Nail Association (JNA), the largest and most respected nail association in Japan. Over the years, she has won multiple nail competitions and has mentored many other nail champions as well. In 2013, Ms Naitoh authored and published a book on hand-painted and airbrushed nail art, which is being distributed internationally.

The workshop will include step-by-step hands-on learning, in-depth demonstrations, a wide range of airbrush nail art designs and a complete product kit containing everything you need to get started.

For more information or to register, simply reply to this email or call us at +65 6220 1592. Limited seats are available so do not miss this opportunity!

Hope to see you there!


Lysa Comfort is coming to Singapore!!


SO STOKED! And all the staffs in Pink Room is in a frenzy to welcome this nail celebrity on 19th and 20th June 2014. Ms Lysa Comfort, veteran head judge of Nailympics nail competition, skilled with the trending Electric Filing technique and Competition Training.

This June, she will conducting a class on how to use the Electric File accurately so as to prevent mishaps and ensure a safe manicure experience for your customers. So do not miss this chance to learn this special Electric Filing technique that will help the productivity in your salon. Use less effort and time to create better nails!

Be prepare for nail competitions with special training by the head judge of the Nailympics nail competition. Stay on top of your game with in-depth demonstrations and hands-on learning with Lysa Comfort!

For details, please call 62201592. First come first serve, limited seats only.#pinkroomnails


One Day Japanese Nail Art Class with Eriko Kurosaki

Spend White Christmas with Japanese sensei World Champion Celebrity Nail Artist Eriko Kurosaki from Japan. Learn the secret Japanese Nail Art techniques to create one of a kind Christmas themed nails! Get ready for the festive seasons with the latest trend!

  • Japan White Xmas Trend-Nail with Gel
  • 3D Folding Nail Art with Gel
  • 3D Folding Nail Art with Acrylic
  • 3D Capsule Nail Art Design



Angel Pro Professional Gelly-art Manicure class

– Want to find out what the Angel Pro Gelly Polish can do?
– Want to learn how to control the gel?
– Want to be able to draw and create nailart with gel?
– Want to meet this magical gel that does not smudge, discolour, fade, chip?
– Want to have gel manicure that less at least 3 weeks?

To find out more about this magical gel-polish, join us for the ANGEL PRO PROFESSIONAL GELLY-ART MANICURE class!

Unlike many gel-polish, Angel Pro Gelly Polish allows you to draw really fine lines and designs as the colors are highly pigmented and easy to apply. Find out what else can be achieved with the Angel Pro Gelly Polish. The next class will be on Saturday 10 November 2012.

The PinkRoom Intl Nail Academy is the Angel Pro Authorise Edu-Centre.


Nailympics Competition Training by Lysa Comfort

The Nailympics Competition Training by Lysa Comfort was a success! Every student commented that they have learnt a lot during the three day training. And was thankful to Lysa Comfort for sharing her knowledge and expertise with us. This training definitely helped every participants to improve their nail skills and techniques.

Day 2 & 3 was on training on how to use the Drill for doing nail services and competitions. The Drill machine will help us to save a lot of time and of course, energy to shape the nail extensions.

All nailists out there should know how tedious it is to have to file the nail extensions manually. here’s the answer to your woes! Lysa is the best person to learn about drilling as she is the Guru for Drill!!

Here’s some photos taken during the training: