Bubble In The Nail Workshop

One of the most popular workshop we have held sometime ago was this Bubble In The Nail workshop. We received very good feedbacks and comments on this workshop. Many of our students has successfully created their very own nail design using the techniques taught in class by our professional educators.



PinkRoomCup09 – Manicure Category & Acrylic Extension

Our Mega Event last month – PinkRoomCup 2009 at CozyCot’s Holy Grail Party!!

Students were stationed either at the booth or on a stage to do demon and step-by-step explanations to the public.

Special thanks to all our students who helped out at the booth and the manicure services for these 2 days. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank You!

Manicure Category

There was about 20 contestants for this category. Everyone is given 1 hour to complete a natural nail care service for both hands. They are to finish the 10 fingernails in red polish. Based on their attire, and their preparation for the competition, we are proud to say that each contestants including our Prina Girls were very professional in the competition.

With the professional guidance and timely assignments given by our educators, Students are trained to become more well-prepared. Well done!

Acrylic Extension

The Acyclic Extension Competition Category is next. There was about 35 contestants for this category. Contestants are to complete a set of Color Gradation Sculpture Nails using an Acyclic Powder & Liquid System. The 5 nails are to be completed in 75 minutes on the model’s Left Hand, the nails are to be buffed to a high shine.

The Gel Extension Competition Category begins after 15 minutes. There was about 40 contestants for this category. Contestants are to complete a set of French Tip Gel Overlay Nails using a Gel Nail System. The 5 nails are to be completed in 60 minutes on the model’s Right Hand.

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