2016 New Academy and Directions

PinkRoom New Location!

Curious about how our new academy looks like? We are going to give you a sneak peek! As mentioned in our previous blog post, we moved to #36-01A but we are stil located in International Plaza (10 Anson Road).

When you arrived at level 36, we will be located beside a gym! This is what our entrance looks like:

Here’s the reception area:

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 7.40.58 PM






First classroom:

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 7.49.36 PM










Second classroom:

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 7.41.00 PM







And the third classroom:

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 7.40.58 PM (1)















Ready to continue or start your nail education journey with us in our new academy? PinkRoom always strive to provide a conducive environment. We can’t wait to see all of you there as well!

Sure all of you will need the directions to our wonderful new academy, right?! Here is how you can visit our academy:

By Bus:

Bus Stop Number : 03223 – INTERNATIONAL PLAZA
Services : 57 131 167 186 532 533 534 535 536 542 543 548 549 550 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 563 564 565 569 700 970










How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.

1.    After alighting, take the lift at the middle of the platform to STREET level.

How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.

2.    Tap out at the gantry when you reach the street level.

How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.

3.    Follow the shelter and walk towards the building that is ahead, which is the INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, where we are located!

How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.

4.    You will see a row of shops such as the Old Chang Kee, 7-11 store. Enter via the entrance beside 7-11.

How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.

5.    Walk straight to the lift lobby.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 7.01.26 PM









6. Take the middle section lifts to Level 36






7. From the swimming pool, turn towards your left, and walk along the gym.






8. You’ll see our academy right there!


This route might be longer, but it is sheltered all the way!

How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.

1. After tapping out from the gantries at the control station, turn right towards Exit C.
2. Take the escalator up after you walk pass Cheers and Guardian pharmacy.
How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.
3.  Follow the directions on the signboard towards Exit C.
How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.
4.    Follow the directions, up the escalator, and you’ll arrive at INTERNATIONAL PLAZA!
How to come to The Pink Room Int'l Nail Academy by MRT. Tanjong Pagar Station.
5.    Enter via the entrance beside UOB bank.
WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 7.01.26 PM
6. Take lift from the middle section to Level 36.







7. From the swimming pool, turn towards your left, and walk along the gym.







8. You’ll see our academy right there!

By Car:

If you are driving, look for International car park and park your at Level 8!






Take lift from Level 8 to Level 36!


Edutrust Certification

Firstly, Congratulations to PinkRoom International Nail Academy!

We are proud to announce that our academy has been awarded EduTrust Provisional Certification! Edutrust Provisional Certification is available for a year long


The EduTrust Certification Scheme (Edutrust) is a quality assurance scheme managed by the Council for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore. In order to be awarded EduTrust Certification, Private Education Institution (PEI) have to achieve six specified requirements. There are:

  1. Management commitment and responsibilities
  2. Corporate governance and administration
  3. External recruitment agents
  4. Student protection and support services,
  5. Academic processes and assessment of students
  6. Quality assurance, monitoring and results.

With EduTrust Provisional Certification, PinkRoom International Nail Academy is committed to maintain these six specified requirements, which includes providing medical insurance coverage and Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) with Lonpac Insurance Bhd. In addition, with Fee Protection Scheme (FPS), Local and International students are protected against loss of school fees.

Aug Exam

August Certificate Exam Notice

Attention to ALL STUDENTS!

August Examination dates are open for registration. Do register yourself before the closing date!


28 August 2016 (Sunday)


The Pink Room International Nail Academy



20 August 2016 (Saturday)

Call for any queries: +65 63481592


* Please bring along your student ID to register for your Examination.

All The Best for your Examination!


SkillsFuture Programme


In addition, PinkRoom has also embark on the SkillsFuture’s Journey!

Opt for PRINA Courses with SkillsFuture Credit!

We are pleased to share a piece of great news with you!


Have you heard of SkillsFuture Credit before?

SkillsFuture Credit is a lifelong learning scheme launched by Singapore Government. The aim is to encourage individuals to learn new skills or expand their knowledge in the existing fields. The credit can only be used for education and training in Government-Supported courses.


All Singaporeans aged 25 and above are entitled with opening credit of $500 to improve their skills. The credit will remain in your SkillsFuture Credit account for life; therefore you can use the credit at any moment. Likewise, you may choose to accumulate more credit, before deciding your desired courses.

Currently, our School is on-board this initiative with SkillsFuture Credit. Hence, you may now use this SkillsFuture Credit to offset PRINA course fees.

Embark on your lifelong learning journey with us!


Workshops @ PinkRoom












3D Nail Art Workshop
Instead of a nail art without dimension, this workshop will teach you how to create stiletto nails with 3-dimensional flowers. Stiletto nails are tight and narrow; therefore the tip of the nail looks pointed. It requires expertise from a professional educator as the process is slightly challenging. To enhance on the uniqueness of the nail, 3D flowers will be added to the stiletto nails as well.












AirBrush Workshop
This workshop is all about blending colors to a gradient effect as well as the techniques of controlling stencil and airbrush gun. With the demonstration and specific guidance by our professional educators, students can perform better and get hold of the techniques












Plaid and Ribbon Nail Art Workshop
Students will get to learn two techniques in this workshop; making of 3D ribbons and hand painting of nail art design using Acrylic. Our professional educators will guide the students using the step by step basis to create the 3D ribbons and tips on how to draw the outlines of professional looking Plaids and Checkered design. This design will stay trendy for festive seasons, such as Christmas.












Gel Folk Art Workshop

Folk art is an unique blend of colors followed by painting of traditional folk art flowers using vibrant colors. Though the creation of such folk art designs seem like it require complicated procedure, but all you require is just a brush, a pot of gel and of course with guidance of our qualified educators. In addition, students will be able to learn how to blend different types of colors. The end product will look similar to a 3D effect.









PANTONE is the rising trend for the upcoming season!

Pantone is a mixture of shades with transcedent blue and pink! Here’s a sneak peek of our Pantone Knitted Nail Art. This nail art is paired with the detailed knitted design, doesn’t it looks subtly eyecatching? To cope with the recent rainy weather, pamper your nails with a set of knitted outerwear maybe?








Pastel & Cream Knitted Nail Art.

Pastel colours may seem a little too subtle for you? How about adding a touch of a Dark colour with the cute knitted design! This technique will definitely stay classy as the time goes by. By matching colours like these, you can create a very elegant look too~









Typographic X Knitted Nail Art

Add an artistic personality to your nails by using some typewriting wordings! Knitted design along with splashes of neon paints, this will definitely be very suitable for the upcoming summer season!

Interested to join us for our workshops? Contact 6220 1592 to find out more!


October diploma exam

October Diploma Exam Notice

Students are to come down to the school with your PRINA.Student Card & Self-Practical Card to register.  Registration can only be done in person at the school, by 2nd Apr 2016.

Only PRINA.Students who fulfill the below criteria can register for the Diploma Examination 2016:

      • Student of PinkRoom Int’l Nail Academy with a PRINA.Student Card.
      • Had completed their Professional Diploma Course.
      • Had clocked at least Four Self-Practical Sessions for each topic.
      • Had completed their ALL ASSIGNMENTSThe latest date for Assignment Submission is the day of the Diploma Examination.

Diploma Examination Date:
09 October 2016

Diploma Exam Registration (Cut-off Date):
06 September 2016


June Open House 2016

Open House June 2016

HELLO ALL NAIL LOVERS AND PRINAGIRLS! Here another update on our recent activities in the academy.

Everyone knows before taking a course of study, it is very important to know the academy’s environment, modules and management! This is also the reason why PinkRoom periodically organises Open House event for our potential students or public to join us.

Nothing beats taking a look at the environment and enquiring for your interested courses first hand, right? In our Open House (16 June 2016), our participants were able to experience the following:

The highlight of the event was the LIVE DEMOSTRATION by our Head Academics, Joe Chua, doing the Design sculpture. Before the start of the demonstration, Joe asked if anyone was interested to become the hand model for the design sculpture, one lady volunteered herself for the demo.

While Joe designing the model’s nails, Ms Rachel Tang, Our CEO, was explaining the steps and tips in details ensuring that the participants understood what was being done on the model.

Second highlight was the Question and Answer session, this is essential because we want to make sure that participants are able to clear the questions they have on our course or modules! This is the key takeaway from this Open House. Also, we used this opportunity to explain our EduTrust Certification and SkillsFuture.
Before the participants head on to do the above activities, there was an opening speech by our CEO, Ms Rachel Tang. Giving our participants an overview of what our academy is about, our history, what we are moving towards and future career pathways.


Through these activities, participants are able to see for themselves the quality of our classes, knowledge of our trainers and educators and the learning environment!

Without further ado, I will let the photos taken on the event day to do the rest of the talking:


During the registration of Open House.


Master Joe giving live demonstration to all participants on design sculpture!


The end result of the design sculpture, very impressive, isn’t it?


One more, without the nail form!


During Q&A Session

If you would like to see more photos on the event itself, feel free to take a look at our album on Facebook: