The Pink Room International Nail Academy taught our first students in year 2003. The school not only offers training through our local education team, but is fully supported by an international network of nail masters & educators. These experts are regularly invited to conduct seminars & workshops to ensure all our students receive the latest nail trends and techniques.

We strive to achieve the highest standards in education and training delivery using qualified educators and trainers, well-designed materials, suitable tools and a conducive learning environment. We have a controlled class size to ensure maximum attention is given to each individual student’s progress. Students have access to various brands of products from the nail industry at our school. Our course syllabus includes topics that equips our students with the product knowledge to make realistic decisions when adopting a nail system brand for their salon.

The school uses a series of assignments and examinations to ensure that each student attains the necessary skills set for acquiring professionalism in the core techniques necessary to a nail technician. Our certification also qualifies students in sitting for the various international accreditation boards in which the school is a member of.

To encourage our students and boost their skills to another level, the school encourages and assist our students to participate in competitions. We make an effort to lighten our student’s load by arranging the registration or transportation to the contest area, be it locally or internationally. Students are never the same after these nail competitions!

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